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Future Educators Association

FEA Members took time during the holiday season to help with PBEA's Lunch with Santa and Sugar Plum Days.


2012-2013 FEA Officers


Jessica Kenny, Jackie Theriault, Canada Montgomery,
Emma Golock-O'Toole, Olivia Greim 



The FEA chapter of PBEA has Juniors and Seniors from the high school who are bright, responsible and eager to gain hands-on experience in the teaching profession.  Each member of FEA is required to have six hours or more of educational experiences for the school year, which may involve but not limited to the following:  tutoring, teacher shadowing/aiding, learning from guest speakers and mentor teachers, attending workshops to learn more about teaching and teacher education programs, developing teacher appreciation projects, using technology to network with other future teachers, fundraising, and social events.


Plum High School's chapter of FEA received its local charter on November 11, 2008.  The goal of this local chapter is best summarized by the FEA Pledge:

I pledge to continue to demonstrate service to my school and community, to sustain the highest degree of ethical conduct, to serve as an exemplary peer role model, and to strive for better scholarship.  I will always promote positive attitudes toward the profession of education and will endeavor to enhance the quality and efficiency of education.





As teachers, we have a chance to examine, clarify and explain our role in the lives of our students.  And because FEA is a service opportunity, we have an opportunity to offer new avenues of communication about education and its place in the community.  Once paired up, each FEA member will be able to meet with teachers at the end of the high school day of 2:20 PM to discuss with teachers the education task at hand as well as observe great teaching in action.


For more information visit the Future Educators Association Website.

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