Thursday, April 25, 2019
Mission Statement

The Plum Borough Education Association (PBEA) will protect the professional rights of all its members while positively impacting the quality of education offered in the Plum Borough School District.




Plum Borough Education Association votes overwhelmingly to authorize a strike


Plum, PA- November 20, 2018


At the Plum Borough Education Association general meeting on November 20, 2018, the membership voted overwhelmingly to give their negotiating team the option to call for a strike.  


PBEA President, David Gray clarified the Association’s reasoning for the vote. “Our community lost 30 teachers this year. Classrooms are over-crowded and full day kindergarten is gone.” 


He also expressed the local’s dissatisfaction with the district’s spending, “All these cuts just to satisfy the administration’s seemingly endless wish-list.”


Under State law, teachers must give districts at least a 48-hour notice before engaging in a strike.


"We’ve taken an important step today to ensure that the needs of our students and their education become the Board’s top priority,” Gray added.


The PBEA and the School Board have been bargaining since January and the contract expired on June 30th of this year.